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    We put the focus back onto great brand-consumer relationships to ensure measurable growth for clients and team members alike.

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    We provide some of the brightest sales and marketing campaigns that creates excitement about your products.

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    Our company culture is built upon the empowerment and achievement of every member of our team.

Breaking Boundaries.

Who We Are

Welcome to Spotlight Group, our priority is maintaining great relationships that lead to fantastic sales and marketing results for our clients in food, personal care, electronics, and home keeping industries. We start by cultivating outstanding relationships with our clients and those purchasing their products. We also place great emphasis on developing a team-led atmosphere within our company so that every individual feels valued and empowered to achieve amazing things. By keeping our focus on people and relationships rather than money, we can achieve truly great results that benefit everybody

What Spotlight Group is All About

When dealing with our clients, our main objective is to help out each and every brand we work with to develop and maintain a great image through fantastic relationships with their customers. By working on brand image, we at Spotlight Group are able to ensure that consumers enjoy their experience with the brands we represent. In this way, we are able to guarantee our clients enjoy growth – not just in the short-term, immediately after your sales and marketing campaigns, but also in the long-term.

Using Incredible Brand Management to Help Us Grow

Our ability to secure short-term and long-term growth for all of our clients means that we have developed an impressive reputation for helping businesses to fulfill their expansion goals. As a result, our team at Spotlight Group is constantly expanding in order to keep up with the ever-increasing number of brands that we work with.

Offering an Unbeatable Consumer Experience

Our experiences with brands in diverse industries, from beauty and personal care to home cleaning products, have taught us the key things that every consumer, regardless of the brand or product they are buying, wants to see. Primarily, they want the chance to speak with a brand representative, to put a face to the brand that they’re buying and to feel as though they have a meaningful relationship with it. This is why we at Spotlight Group focus on in-person in-store and on-site promotional campaigns.

Additionally, every consumer wants to feel as though they got a great deal. We work closely with every one of our clients to identify the best promotions for each product, and build our sales and marketing campaigns around these specific products in order to maximize customer satisfaction and develop a positive brand image right from the start.

Unbeatable Opportunities for a Rewarding Career

Our dedication to results-driven promotions and customer satisfaction makes us an incredibly rewarding company to work with. Here at Spotlight Group, we offer each and every one of our team members the chance to make a tangible change for our clients and to have a real impact upon the future of a clients’ consumer base.

Always Growing Together

At the core of our team are motivated and talented team members with a commitment to what we do here at Spotlight Group. Every member of our team is dedicated to achieving great results together, and we know that this is impossible without the true investment of time and resources into the development of all our team. We are committed to bringing out the best in everyone, and are supportive and encouraging towards everyone, from beginners to top managers.

Diversity in Teamwork

We are committed to fairness in all our employment practices, and as a result Spotlight Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We understand that a successful team welcomes diversity and harnesses it to achieve goals together.







No Matter the Challenge, Our Team Shines.

What We Do

Our incredible reputation has attracted brands from very different types of industries, including beauty and personal care, technology, food and diet and cleaning products. The wide range of clients that we have worked with means that our team at Spotlight Group have an incredibly diverse and broad knowledge base, and we can’t wait to put it to good use on your campaign!

Expanding Your Client Base

One thing that all of our sales and marketing campaigns have in common, regardless of the industry or product that they are promoting, is their access to fantastic busy consumer communities. Our fantastic reputation means that we have a lot of valuable contacts within the retail business, giving every one of our clients access to high-footfall campaign bases where consumers are already in the buying mindset. This makes Spotlight Group extremely effective in attracting new customers for every type of brand.

Spotlight Group’s Values

We believe that, by having very specific, targeted company values, we can hold every member of our team to the highest possible standards. We believe in:

  • Achieving positive growth for our clients and team members
  • Practicing integrity at all times
  • Providing career opportunities for deserving team members
  • Setting high standards for teamwork
  • Maintaining an element of fun and excitement!

By maintaining these values in all that we do, our team at Spotlight Group is able to create unbeatable campaigns within a supportive, friendly environment.

Generating Excitement.

What We Can Do For You

As we pride ourselves on creating market-leading sales and marketing campaigns, we have to choose the best possible team members to join us here at Spotlight Group. This means we have a very detailed idea of what the perfect candidate is like. We are looking for people who thrive when working with others, and who aren’t afraid of hard work. We want people who can maintain a positive attitude, even when faced with particularly difficult challenges, and people who see every day as an opportunity to learn something new. We’re seeking people who are proud of what they have and can achieve, and who aren’t afraid to celebrate their own success! Although we would prefer candidates with a college-level education, we are willing to make exceptions if you prove yourself to be an asset to our team.

Growth Level 1: Communication and Sales

Our company is structured in a way that every member of our team is given access to the basic yet vital skills that will help them to flourish in this competitive industry. When you join Spotlight Group you will be given entry-level training on aspects such as personal management and listening to consumers, so that you can become a well-rounded asset to our team.

Growth Level 2: Coaching and Training

After you have learned the basics, you’ll be given the chance to tutor new recruits at Spotlight Group. This will not only help to reinforce the principles and skills you have just learned, but it will also allow you to get a taste of what a leadership position would be like.

Growth Level 3: Leadership and Development

The next stage of your career progression with Spotlight Group involves training for a managerial position. We will give those promising members of our team training and education to help them prepare for a potential future in the leadership of our company.

Growth Level 4: Strategic Management

Finally, those who prove themselves will be given the opportunity to become a strategic manager at Spotlight Group. In this position, you will have a whole team and a unique set of resources at your disposal, and you’ll be able to make real changes in the way our company is run.

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Breaking Boundaries.



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